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Bicycle racing betting is quite new but is gaining popularity at a rapid rate. You can especially make money from this cycling sport. To learn more about this new form of betting, please read the article below from

What is bicycle racing betting?

Cycling is a mainstream sport with great appeal around the world, and cycling betting has grown accordingly. Many prestigious sports organizations organize cycling tournaments, attracting the attention and admiration of many people. In Europe, the Tour de France or Grand Tour are famous races, with many good athletes competing and millions of fans supporting them. Cycling is also a sport recognized by the Olympics and held at the Olympics.

Cycling is an international sport with a lot of potential for betting. Bettors can bet in person or online, depending on convenience and speed.

Many legal and licensed bookmakers from abroad have opened bicycle racing betting portals. Betting portals have many different scales and bets, serving large, medium and small cycling tournaments. Anyone who loves bicycle racing can participate in betting.

Rules for betting on bicycle racing at bookmakers

Bookmakers will open the betting portal when the season starts and will only calculate and pay prizes when the races have results. Racers must start to be considered participants in the match, and only then will bets on them count. The result of awarding medals is the final result and the basis for reward payment. If this result changes after the prize is paid or the bettors do not receive medals, it will not be counted.

In addition, if the race is postponed and continues for 12 hours, the bet will remain the same. If the race is not continued after 12 hours, the bet will be void. Bookmakers will have different policies for refunding bets to players.

Some popular forms of betting you must know

Nowadays, there are many different and more interesting forms of betting. Some of the most popular forms of betting we have compiled are as follows:

Championship bets: Bet results are based on the official results of the tournament organization after the last race of the season.

Top 3 bet: The player predicts the 3 best riders in the final race and the bet results according to the result when the rider reaches the podium to receive the prize.

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Top 6 bet: Same as top 3 bet, but bet on the 6 best riders of the tournament.

Top 10 bet: A bet on the 10 riders with the highest achievements in the tournament.

Head-to-head betting: A bet on two riders being paired and seeing who comes first. If two riders do not complete the race, the bet is void.

In addition, bookmakers now also have many other attractive bets, such as: national bets on the champion racer, bets on the point difference between the champion racer and other racers in the final, and bets on the excellent racer. best in the qualifying round,

How to participate in bicycle racing betting

Register an account

To access the main website to place bets, it is necessary to have an account with the selected bookmaker. Click to register a new account at the house’s homepage. Then enter all the information required by the dealer and click register. You will receive a confirmation email from the bookmaker after registering and now have an account to place bets.

Log in and deposit into your betting account

With the account you just registered, enter your account and password to log in to the page. When in the bookies, you can choose the form of betting here, that is betting on bicycle racing.

Of course, once you have an account and deposit money, you can bet on the athlete you like. Go to the deposit section and select the deposit method as well as the amount you want to deposit into the game. After depositing, you can go to the section to select your favorite tournament and racer to bet on immediately. Another thing to remember is the promotions from the house; these rewards both encourage and support capital.

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