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Basketball is a very popular sport in the world today. Jilievo basketball betting is also one of the top sought after sports to bet on. To avoid becoming an outdated bettor, you must know how to bet on basketball. Let’s learn about basketball games with Jilievo and discover interesting things about basketball betting.

Introducing Jilievo basketball betting

Introducing Jilievo basketball betting

Jilievo basketball betting is a type of basketball betting with different odds offered by the bookmaker.

In basketball, a match usually has 2 halves and is divided into 4 rounds. Therefore, each round will have 2 rounds and 1 round will last from 10 to 12 minutes depending on the progress of the match.

After the end of 2 rounds, if the two teams have the same score, they will enter extra time to determine victory or defeat. Thus, unlike football, basketball will only have winners and losers, not a tie. If there is still a tie in extra time, the two teams will play another extra round until a winner is found.

Therefore, in addition to betting on the entire basketball game, participants can also bet on each round, each match or even in extra innings. This is the special feature of the Jilievo basketball betting game. 

Popular betting odds in basketball. Basketball betting has two forms: pre-match betting and intra-match betting.

Normally, the types of bets before a match will be very diverse, most of them are bets that take place in the first half and the first match or the whole match. The remaining matches will be basketball betting levels in the match.

Some terms in Jilievo basketball betting

To improve judgment when betting, players are required to learn about the following basic basketball betting terms:

Money lines bet

Money lines bets in Jilievo basketball betting are understood as betting on the final result. Based on observations throughout the match, the player will have to make a judgment about the final result of the soccer match.

Handicap odds

Handicap odds in Jilievo basketball betting terms are quite similar to betting on soccer. This term means handicap. This bet is only suitable for matches where the two teams have a difference in strength. With this bet, participants bet on how many goals the strong team will handicap the weak team with.

Odd even bet

Players when playing odd-even bets need to predict whether the final score will be even or odd. In Jilievo basketball betting terms, this is a fairly popular bet and is chosen by many people.

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Total basketball betting

With this basketball betting term, it is the over/under bet in soccer. Or also known by another name, the over-under bet. Accordingly, the bookmaker will give a number and the task of the betting experts is to predict whether the total score of the match will be lower or higher. If it’s lower, choose Under or Under, if it’s higher, choose Over or Over.

Live betting

Live betting in basketball betting terms means shaking bets that we often know in football. This type of bet allows players to place bets during the match until the end. Participants absolutely do not need to bet before the match like some other types of bets.

Jilievo basketball betting rules 

Jilievo basketball betting rules 

As for the rules of basketball for professional athletes, there are quite a few, we will only talk about the basic rules.

Whenever you are in any place, you must have your own rules and regulations, Jilievo bookmaker is no exception. Although not too strict. However, ensuring these rules will help you bet more effectively.

Competition time

As for match time, each round will have 2 matches and each match lasts about 10 minutes. Therefore, each match will have 2 halves, meaning 4 matches. The break time between two halves is about 15 minutes, in each round like round 1 and 2 there is a 2 minute break to change turns.

If you bet on the first half, the results of rounds 1 and 2 will be calculated. If you choose to bet on the results of the 2nd half, it will be the total result of rounds 3 and 4. You need to pay attention to this point to You can choose to bet accurately, otherwise it is easy to get confused.

Betting rules

With online Jilievo basketball betting, there are many ball bets. Each type of bet will have its own rules that you need to distinguish carefully. For example, if you bet on the team to score last, the result will be calculated based on the team to score last. If you bet on total goals, the result will be based on the total goals scored throughout the match by both teams. 

Some Jilievo basketball betting odds 

You can bet on different odds. But, there are 3 main types of bets that you will find. That is:

  • Betting on the winning team: Unlike football, in a basketball match it is required that a team wins and there is no draw. Therefore, players can safely choose 1 of 2 teams, which side will win at the end of the match. 50-50 is the winning rate in this bet.
  • Handicap bets: Will be divided into handicaps for the first half and the entire match. The weaker team will be handicapped with a virtual score set by Jilievo before the match starts. 
  • Over/Under Betting: Jilievo will set a number predicting how many total points the 2 teams can score after the match ends. Choose Under if the player’s prediction is lower than the dealer’s. Otherwise, you should deposit money at the Tai door.
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Some notes when participating in Jilievo basketball betting

Some notes when participating in Jilievo basketball betting

If a match is tied, there will be extra innings. After the extra period ends, we will take the results of the 2 main periods and then add the extra period, so we will get the results for the entire match.

If you bet on each quarter or half, the result of extra time will not be included. In simple terms, it means that when betting on the 2nd half or the 4th round, overtime will not be counted.

On average, an attacking team will have about 24 seconds to make a play and throw the ball into the basket. If this time period expires without throwing the ball into the basket. 

At this point, the match must be stopped, and the ball will be passed to the opposing team. Therefore, players who play handicap or over/under bets need to pay attention to the above developments to make appropriate adjustments.

The match time will be closely monitored by the referee. If any team stops the ball and throws a free throw, the match time will also be stopped. Once a match takes place, the teams have the right to stop the match to consult and exchange information with each other.

Jilievo basketball betting strategy for new players

It is necessary to monitor the match schedule of each team

The competition schedule of each basketball team is usually dense and consecutive. Therefore, the team’s fighting strength will also be reduced because there is not enough time to rest and recuperate.

If you are planning to bet on these teams, you need to consider and monitor carefully and in more detail to be able to make the most accurate predictions.

Results of recent matches of the basketball team

Usually, teams that lost in the previous match will have a higher chance of winning in the next matches. Their fighting strength and ability to turn the tables are often noticed and appreciated by many bettors.

Besides, you can completely rely on the previous odds table to predict the fighting strength of the team.

Pay attention to home field advantage

Home field advantage is an important factor in most sports. And Jilievo basketball betting is no exception. According to experience, the home team will win up to 60% of matches. 

Some rules when playing basketball betting

In addition to worrying about whether basketball betting counts as extra time, players should also pay attention to the rules for recording basketball results to be able to calculate more appropriately.

First of all, all bet results will be calculated after the match ends. This means you have to wait for the results of extra rounds, if any. However, in some cases, if you know the result, the bet will win 100% according to that result, but you still have to rely on the betting conditions previously set by the house. Epilogue

In the above article, we have shared some detailed information about the forms and attractions of Jilievo basketball betting today. Please choose Jilievo so we can have the opportunity to help you experience the most professional, safer and highest quality online betting games.


In the above article, we have shared some detailed information about the forms and attractions of Jilievo basketball betting today. Please choose Jilievo so we can have the opportunity to help you experience the most professional, safer and highest quality online betting game.

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